Coven Member is the Future of the Catholic Church?

National Catholic Reporter: ‘AOC Is the Future of the Catholic Church’ The progressive National Catholic Reporter has declared radical Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be “the future of the Catholic Church.” Proverbs 9:13 “A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.” Sean Adl-Tabatabai | News Punch – In an op-ed published Monday, … Click Here to Read more

You Cannot Be Catholic and Pro-Abortion says Rhode Island Bishop

Yes you can! There are millions of Catholics who do support Abortion even though they proclaim they don’t. Consider this. If you support someone, or a party that glorifies abortion in their platform, or are for a woman’s right to chose, then you support abortion!  By voting for ANY Democrat,  and just being a Democrat, … Click Here to Read more

China and the Vatican Harvesting and Selling Organs for Big Money

This video is from 2017. Liar liar pants on fire! Last week shocking news from Rome published on LifeSiteNews regarding Steven Mosher, the founder and president of the Population Research Institute, who said that the Communist Chinese government is harvesting organs from prisoners while they are still alive to supply its lucrative organ transplant industry. … Click Here to Read more

Demonic Catholic News Alert December 9, 2018

Italian Priest Says Salvini Supporters Are ‘Killing God’ by Opposing Mass Migration He is going to close his Synagogue of Satan on Christmas in protest. Good!! Close it and keep it closed! An Italian parish priest has said he will close his church on Christmas in protest against a decree by interior minister Matteo Salvini … Click Here to Read more

Demonic Catholic News Alert November 25, 2018

Catholic Priest & Bishop Convicted Over Pedophilia Scandal In France A French priest has been sentenced to two years in jail for sexually abusing multiple children and his former bishop given a suspended sentence of eight months for failing to report the abuse. A court in central France handed down the verdict against the priest, Pierre de Castelet … Click Here to Read more

Demonic Catholic News Alert for November 11, 2018

Pope denounces governments that use media to defame critics VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is denouncing the way some governments seek to discredit their critics through “whisper” campaigns, using the media to defame anyone who represents a threat. During his morning homily Thursday, Francis said such slander campaigns can infect relations in families, parishes … Click Here to Read more

Filthy Satanic Jesuit Priest advises Catholics to Fight Abortion by, get this, Electing Pro-Choice Democrats

Jesuit Father Thomas Reese has published a disgraceful essay urging Americans to vote for pro-choice Democrats while claiming that defunding Planned Parenthood is “irresponsible.” Thomas D. Williams PhD | Writing for Religion News Service (RNS)— Father Reese, the former editor-in-chief of America Magazine—says that “pro-lifers must consider voting for candidates, even pro-choice Democrats, who will … Click Here to Read more

Catholic Priest calls Pro-Life People the “Lunatic Fringe”! Defends Abortion!

Another devils disciple has come out and is a sign of the path the Catholic church is on. Pretty soon you will see the Vatican ENDORSING ABORTION and Pedophilia! It is a given seeing how it is the agenda of the current Communist pope! Just by looking at this devils face, a True Born Again … Click Here to Read more

Hey Folks I have NOT made a deal with the devil to leave me alone like most of the Limp Wristed Faux preachers have!!

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