Demonic Catholic News Alert November 21, 2018

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New book reveals how the Roman Catholic Church is hiding their pedophile priests

A growing number of safe houses are being established around the world by the Vatican to hide pedophile priests who are exposed every day. A safe house is, in a generic sense, a secret place for sanctuary or suitable to hide persons from the law, hostile actors or actions, or from retribution, threats or perceived danger.

In such places, old priests are usually taken care of by a nun for many years. The nun seems to be there just to cook and clean, but actually, she is checking on the priests, and they live in these houses upon the decision of the Roman Catholic Church. They must acknowledge and atone for their “sins”.

Vatican Law establishes that such “houses for atonement and reformation for priests from every diocese” should exist, becoming de facto a sort of safe house, like the ones used by the intelligence services for various purposes. Places where in the past Russian spies came in from the cold after defecting or Bobby Kennedy partied away. Such Catholic safe houses that are present worldwide have been investigated in depth by two Italians. Former numerary member of Opus Dei Emanuela Provera and journalist Federico Tulli, who traveled through Italy visiting and later reported their findings about the so-called “treatment centers” for priests and nuns “with problems” in their book Giustizia Divina (Divine Justice), published by Chiarelettere and released on November 9, 2018.

They discovered that these safe houses are located in Italy from the North to the South, small enclaves of hidden Vatican power unknown to most people on the outside, and I am sure you could find many such places all over the US very easily. In their mission, they were sometimes welcomed by the clergymen from these safe houses, but most of the time, they were not. The investigative journalists counted at least eighteen safe houses in Italy during their research and studies, where they worked on site; interviewing, mailing, calling people; cross-referencing data from diocese yearbooks and the news from local newspapers to confirm their stories. Their map could even be lacking information because of the struggle to find data due to a strong privacy of confidentiality that cover clerical activities, as the Vatican always tries to avoid public scandals. Read more here

Dictator Pope expels author from the Knights of Malta for exposing the truth

Henry Sire, who was a member of the Sovereign Order of Malta when hepublishedunder the pseudonym Marcantonio Colonna, the controversial book entitled The Dictator Pope, said the Vatican was desperately trying to discover its real identity.

The book was published as a Kindle edition and immediately caused consternation with its claims about Pope Francis’ reign, just like my own book “Pope Francis: The last Pope?” a few years earlier. When asked by The Catholic Herald whether or not he thought his anonymity would last, Sire replied:

“Under the present Pope, the Vatican machine has taken espionage to a new level, and I have little doubt that they will unmask me eventually, perhaps after a few more false casts. But they will need to ask themselves whether it is at the cost of giving me more publicity.”

A “new level”was to be expected with a Jesuit Pope in control of the Vatican, however, some critics suggested that Henry Sire’s book was mere gossip, as they initially did with my books. The book reveals a secret report by the ex-Jesuit superior general Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, commissioned when Fr Jorge Bergoglio was proposed as a bishop in Argentina. Fr Kolvenbach’s report allegedly stated that Fr Bergoglio was “unsuitable for such an appointment”because of character defects, which he went on to describe in great detail. The report has since disappeared.

Asked why the readers should believe this, Sire replied: “The account I give of the report in my book is not based on rumor. It’s based on first-hand information I received from a priest who read the report when it was first issued, and who was fully in the know of the ecclesiastical process involved.” Read more here

Vatican Interreligious Dialogue Council Sends ‘Prayerful Good Wishes’ to Hindus for Pagan Festival Diwali

ROME — The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue recently sent greetings and “prayerful good wishes” to Hindus for Diwali, a festival in which adherents pray to various pagan gods and goddesses to seek a blessing of prosperity and wisdom for the new year.

The council sought to use the occasion as a time to speak of caring for the vulnerable in society and to urge readers to “join hands with the adherents of other religious traditions” to “make collective and concerted efforts” to help others.

“The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is fulfilling the Jesuit agenda to unite all people under the papacy,” opined Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries in Plano, Texas.

He noted that Jorge Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis—being the first Jesuit pope—once said that all men are children of God, no matter their beliefs.

“He said, ‘Many think differently or seek God in different ways, but there is only one certainty: we are all children of God,’” Gendron expounded. “The pope’s assertion is completely false according to God’s word. No one seeks for God (Rom. 3:11). No one seeks after the true God, but there are many who seek after false gods of their own imagination.” Read more here

Noted Vatican Theologian Calls for Examination of Validity of Pope Benedict’s XVI’s Resignation

In an important interview that was overlooked last month, a Vatican theologian said that unless Pope Francis corrects himself and reaffirms Church teaching on morals, the faith, and the sacraments, “the apostasy will deepen and the de facto schism will widen.”

To address the current crisis, he suggested that an examination of the “juridical validity” of Pope Benedict’s XVI’s resignation was in order to “overcome problems that today seem insurmountable to us.” The theologian consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints was implying that further study of the situation could reveal that Francis is not and has never been a valid pope, but is, in fact, an antipope who could be removed from the papacy, thus nullifying his “insurmountable” errors.

Msgr. Nicola Bux, a former consultor to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Benedict XVI, made the remarkable comments in an in-depth interview with Vatican reporter Aldo Maria Valli, the same reporter who interviewed Archbishop Carlo Viganò before he accused the pope of covering up clerical sexual misconduct in a stunning eleven-page letter back in August. Read more here

Queer Priest claimed to have Cancer… It is really AIDS!

(You gotta read this whole story folks! One priest was and FBI informant!)

“It appeared to me to be systemic, premeditated fraud,” Bohn said Monday. “If you’re reasonably suspicious of criminal activity, go to law enforcement. That’s what we did.”

The Office of Homeland Security raided the Jackson office of the Catholic Diocese last week. Vargas has not been charged with any crime, and the affidavit only presents one side. 

The affidavit states Vargas announced from the pulpit numerous times to St. Joe parishioners that he had cancer and had told an informant that the diocese was sending him to Canada for treatment because of the rarity of the cancer.

In reality, the affidavit claims, Vargas had been diagnosed with HIV, not cancer. Information provided by an informant was corroborated by agents who subpoenaed Vargas’ medical records from Oktibbeha County Hospital Regional Medical Center. 

The affidavit also claims the diocese was made aware of the falsehood in 2015. Read the whole story here

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