Queer Escort in Italy Outs Priest known as “Don Euro”. May include up to 60 Gravel Packing Priests!

With so many Catholics being Demon Possessed in Italy, it is no wonder God is making known the Perversion and Iniquity in the Whore of Babylon! Italian Archdiocese Rocked by Scandal: Drugs, Gay Prostitution, Blackmail Devils Advocates Church Militant – An Italian archdiocese is embroiled in scandal as reports are surfacing of a gay priest on … Click Here to Read more

The Fox and the Hen House: Pope reactivates Vatican Child Sex Abuse Panel

Do you really think hand picked cronies will get to the bottom of the pedophilia and sexual perversion in the Catholic Church? If you do then I have a huge tract of prime swamp land in the Sahara Desert I would like to sell you a a bargain price! It will be nothing more than … Click Here to Read more

False Prophet Stands by HIS Fudge Packing Man!

Gravel packer Bishop Barros must have pictures or video of his fellow Molester assaulting boys or girls. The UN-holy see must know that if the pedophile Bishop goes down so will he.   Pope defends Chilean bishop accused of abuse cover-up Yahoo News – “The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, then I … Click Here to Read more

Pope orders Vatican to Seize Pedophile Organization in Peru

They don’t want to help the victims of the sexual perverts, they want to completely control the news that is coming out about the Catholic church. I would bet that there were claims of child sacrifice about to be released so that devil stepped in to protect his underlings! Peru is notorious for Human Sacrifice … Click Here to Read more

Pope begs people to Forgive the Pedophiles

Excerpts ABC News – Pope Francis begged for forgiveness Tuesday for the “irreparable damage” done to children who were raped and molested by priests, opening his visit to Chile by diving head-first into a scandal that has greatly hurt the Catholic Church’s credibility here and cast a cloud over his visit. Just exactly WHO did … Click Here to Read more

Church of England finds Vicar guilty of Spiritually Abusing Teen Boy

What the pervert was trying to do is brainwash the boy and groom him to be his sex slave. Christian Daily – In a landmark ruling published recently, the Church of England tribunal declared that the vicar of Christ Church, Abingdon, Reverend Timothy Davis, had committed misconduct under its clergy disciplinary measures. The judgment was … Click Here to Read more

Pedophile Priest News for January 14, 2017

List complied by Matrix Bob Catholic ex-priest refuses to speak at sexual abuse trial in Germany Deutsche Welle – After completing studies in theology, the man was ordained a priest in Poland in 1994. State prosecutors accuse the man of having used fake documents to fraudulently gain access to the priesthood. A church court in … Click Here to Read more

Pro-Queer Jesuit Vatican Advisor says Catholic Catechism contributes to LGBT Youth Suicide

NO, being a LGBT Reprobate, which is Demon Possession is what cause LGBT’s to commit Suicide! They are listening to Satan whisper in their ears! News Flash: The whole of the Catholic Catechism CONDEMNS ALL CATHOLICS who adhere to it to Hell! Especially the Eucharist Above image of this Devil worshiping Catholic Priest on the … Click Here to Read more

Gravel Packing Priest come out of the Confessional Closet

Catholic 101:1 “I will embrace the person that God created me to be, In my priestly life and ministry, I, too, will help you, whether you are gay or straight, bisexual or transgendered, to be your authentic self, to be fully alive living in your image and likeness of God.” Mister Homosexual, can you give … Click Here to Read more

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