World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Embracing Roman Catholicism

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Some members are not liking the move! This IS the move for the One World Religion with the Satanic False Prophet Pope as the head. He will give credence to the anti-Christ!

What it boils down to folks is there are STILL a few evangelicals who will not bow a knee to Baal and buddy up and be all chummy with the Whore of Babylon! I just happen to be one of those too!

H/T Christian News   Evangelical Focus – The Evangelical Alliances of Italy, Spain and Malta have signed an open letter to the World Evangelical Alliance denouncing what they believe is an “ecumenical agenda” that is contrary to the historic vision and positions of the body representing more than 600 million evangelical Christians in the world.

The Italian Evangelical Alliance (AEI), the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE) and the Evangelical Alliance Malta (TEAM), are members of the European Evangelical Alliance and of the World Evangelical Alliance.

The eight-page long letter is entitled “Is the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Moving Away from its Historic Position on Unity?” and was issued on December 1.

Part of the letter is as follows:

“The historic positions on biblical unity (among born-again Christians) and biblical confrontation of errors (deviant teachings and practices) that the [World Evangelical] Alliance has stood for over a hundred years seem now to be eroded and replaced by ecumenical attitudes that revolve around a kind of ‘unity’ that is in conflict with historic evangelical convictions,” the signatories say.

The Alliance’s Historic Position on Unity The World Evangelical Alliance was founded in 1846 to encourage common prayer and mutual support among born-again, Bible-believing, evangelical Christians. Because of its theological convictions about the Biblical and experiential nature of the Christian faith, the Alliance was a bulwark against Protestant theological liberalism, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy , which were considered incompatible with basic gospel truth. The dividing line was clear, and it was primarily based on the high view of the Biblical Gospel held by evangelicals. From the beginning of its history then, the WEA was characterized by a “definite posture of a strong opposition both to Roman Catholicism and also to infidelity” . This has been the ethos of the Alliance for its first 150 years. 

It is true that the 20th century has seen the beginnings of the ecumenical movement with the formation of the World Council of Churches (1948) and the Second Vatican Council (1962 – 1965), thus seeing both the Liberal Protestants and the Eastern Orthodox, on the one hand, and the Roman Catholic Church , on the other, forming ecumenical bodies and encouraging ecumenical initiatives . The Alliance has seen these developments from a distance, not impressed neither by the left-wing politicization and further liberal trends of WCC nor by the inclusive aggiornamento (i.e. update) of Rome. Outside of WEA but within the evangelical movement, the 1974 Lausanne Covenant made it clear that evangelicals remained committed to the Biblical Gospel, which on crucial points remained fundamentally different from Vatican II formulations (see Appendix N. 1 for examples on the authority of the Bible and the message of salvation). 

The new ecumenical fervor by WCC and Rome caused WEA (then WEF) to issue the document “An Evangelic al Perspective on Roman Catholicism” drafted by a Task Force and approved by the 1986 General Assembly held in Singapore : the only approved document on Roman Catholicism by a WEA general assembly (see Appendix N. 2 ). Its conclusion was that , “ Standing in the faith we have encountered obstacles in Roman Catholicism as it manifests itself today, which seriously impede fellowship and cooperation between evangelicals and Roman Catholics and are insurmountable as long as there is no fundamental reformation according to the Word of God in the Church of Rome ”.

Outside of WEA but within the global evangelical movement, the 1989 Lausanne II Manila Manifesto recognized that “ Evangelical attitudes to the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches differ widely. Some evangelicals are praying, talking, studying Scripture and working with these churches. Others are strongly opposed to any form of dialogue or cooperation with them. (I will say AMEN AND AMEN to that!) All are aware that serious theological differences between us remain. Where appropriate, and so long as Biblical Truth is not compromised, cooperation may be possible in such areas as Bible translation, the study of contemporary theological and ethical issues, social work and political action. We wish to make it clear, however, that common evangelism demands a common commitment to the Biblical Gospel ”.

See the entire letter here.



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