Vatican blesses Drug used to Halt Puberty in Children

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What is the difference between Men and Boys? Not the price of their Toys any longer!

I suppose the Perverts overseeing young boys what to keep them that way for as long as possible. If this drug halts them from growing up, then the Pedophiles can have an endless supply of victims and won’t have to groom news ones.

Are the pedophiles trying to create a bunch of Peter Pan’s, who NEVER GROW UP, and are roaming around so they can pick and choose one off the streets. It would be like standing at the candy shelf drooling over which one they crave that day!

Leo Zagami – The Vatican is giving its blessing for the drug used to halt puberty. The news arrived in the form of a compliant interview that the official Vatican portal Vatican News has made to the expert of Philosophy of Law, Laura Palazzani, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and of the National Bioethics Committee (known by the acronym CnB).

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Philosophy of law is a branch of philosophy and jurisprudence that seeks to answer basic questions about law and legal systems, such as, “What is law?”,“What are the criteria for legal validity?”,“What is the relationship between law and morality?”,and many other similar questions.

The news shocked Catholic’s worldwide in the last few hours, as Palazzani has defended the recent decision of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) to include the molecule Trp-triptorelin, also known as the drug that blocks puberty, among the medicinal products available to the Italian National Health Service.

In practice, adolescents considered to suffer from Gender Identity Disorder, will be able to administer at the expense of the Italian taxpayer, this drug that will block a fundamental physiological event, puberty, for years, until the teenager decides what “gender” he wants to actually be, and the Vatican endorses this dangerous and outrageous monstrosity that may  also causes lasting health problems.

The case concerns only Italy for the moment, but the official position espoused by the Vatican portal has immediate global repercussions for the Catholic Church because it is an endorsement of the gender ideology that in theory, they should be fighting.

The Vatican that says yes to a drug that helps facilitate sex change on their website is yet another indicator we are living in the End Times.


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