Will the Devils False Prophet Fight, Scratch and Claw to Hang on to Power?

It really does not matter what Pope is elected to fill the position of Lucifer’s advocate here on earth! All of them are EVIL, have and will lead Millions straight to Hell with the Paganism and False Doctrine! Daily Caller – Cardinal Donald Wuerl announced Tuesday that he will meet with Pope Francis soon to … Click Here to Read more

Is Pope Francis about to get Kicked Out or Resign?

Leo Zagami  Alex Jones discuss the Demonic Catholic Church Satanism, Pedophilia, Church cover ups, Pedophile Nuns and the inside info that Pope Francis is going to step down are just a few things discussed in the video below. A few Headlines I have been meaning to post. Pope Francis covered for his favored pedophile cardinal? … Click Here to Read more

Hey Folks I have NOT made a deal with the devil to leave me alone like most of the Limp Wristed Faux preachers have!!

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