Oh those Dirty Catholic Knights: Charges of Racketeering, Fraud, Deception and Theft

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Knights Of Columbus, The Powerful Pitbull Of The Roman Catholic Church Now Facing Charges Of ‘Racketeering, Fraud, Deception And Theft’

“It’s been like pulling teeth getting information out of the Knights of Columbus from day one,” Judge Jackson said, according to a transcript of the May 13 hearing. “All that has done to me is make me wonder if there’s something there …. it makes me wonder what’s going on.”

Geoffrey Grider | NTEB –  The Knights of Columbus is being accused of inflating its numbers to appear more profitable to insurance companies — and some of its members say they’re paying the price.

In his great expose on the Roman Catholic Church called ‘Smokescreens‘, gospel tract creator Jack Chick lifted up the curtain covering the Vatican’s pitbull known as the Knights of Columbus and showed us who they really are and what their true goals are.

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Revelation 17:4-5 (KJV)

With over 10,000 chapters and over one million members, this covert Roman army has sworn to allegiance not only to the pope but also to Rome’s desire to turn America into a papal state. Why do you think that the pope always kisses the ground when they land in a foreign country? When they do that they are claiming sovereignty over that nation. The Knights of Columbus have been aptly called the “strong right arm” of the Catholic Church for a reason.

“It’s been like pulling teeth getting information out of the Knights of Columbus from day one,” Judge Jackson said

FROM BUZZFEED NEWS: Greg McAtee first joined the Knights of Columbus 16 years ago, when he was 55. He was joining a formidable club, the largest Catholic fraternal organization in the world with alumni like Babe Ruth and John F. Kennedy, and it continues to have powerful political allies in 2019. He was also, though he didn’t realize it at the time, becoming a pawn in an alleged scheme to inflate membership numbers for a multibillion-dollar life insurance company.

But to him, the Knights were mostly just a group of nice men from his parish in Mobile, Alabama, who wore matching shirts with shield insignias. They raised money for charity, had Christmas parties for good causes, and fried fish for its friends and family in the local community center.

Today, however, McAtee is a witness for the plaintiffs in a massive new lawsuit that could shake one of America’s most powerful socially conservative groups to its core. The case is accusing the Knights of Columbus of “racketeering, fraud, deception, theft, and broken promises,” a complaint in the US District Court for Colorado, which will begin hearing the case Monday, reads.

According to multiple sources and the lawsuit, the alleged scheme went like this:

  • In order for life insurance companies to continue having people buy its plans, they need to have a top rating from an insurance rating company.
  • The key thing insurance rating companies are looking for is the ability to pay back the claims of policyholders. One of the main indicators of that is whether a company’s customer pool is growing, and whether young people who will pay their life insurance claims for a long time are buying policies.
  • Knights of Columbus currently has an A+ rating from AM Best.
  • The Knights of Columbus can only sell life insurance to its members (or someone who becomes a member within 90 days of applying for insurance), and its members can only be men who are “practical Catholics” (meaning they accept all the teachings of the Catholic Church) and live in the US, Puerto Rico, or Guam.
  • The lawsuit claims that the Knights’ membership is not in fact growing, but shrinking and getting older.
  • To hide this, the lawsuit claims, it has made it extremely difficult to remove members from its rosters, even if they haven’t paid dues in years. So, as some more members join, and none of the members who leave are recorded, it appears to insurance rating companies that its pool of potential customers is growing.
  • Unfortunately for the Knights on the ground in local chapters, who are largely uncompensated volunteers, this means they have to cover the cost of the nonexistent members they couldn’t take off the books, the lawsuit alleges. When they couldn’t get them removed, they ended up paying out of pocket, or sometimes dipping into the funds they had raised for charity, five of the men told BuzzFeed News.

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 by UKnight, a Colorado-based IT firm hired by the Knights of Columbus to update communication software for its more than 10,000 local US chapters, referred to as councils. In the lawsuit, UKnight alleges that the Knights’ senior leadership (namely senior executives Thomas Smith and Matthew St. John) were “engaged in an elaborate conspiracy to artificially inflate the Knights of Columbus’ insurable membership numbers and artificially improve” its ratings by insurance rating companies, thereby making people more likely to buy its life insurance. UKnight and one of its managers, Leonard Labriola, an individual plaintiff in the case, claim the Knights unlawfully terminated its contract after UKnight discovered the alleged conspiracy.

“It’s been like pulling teeth getting information out of the Knights of Columbus from day one,” Judge Jackson said, according to a transcript of the May 13 hearing. “All that has done to me is make me wonder if there’s something there …. it makes me wonder what’s going on.”

In court documents, the Knights dismissed the suit as “a disappointed prospective vendor that offered the Knights inferior and outdated website services that the Knights refused to endorse.” After around two years of failed negotiations, Monday, Aug. 26, will be the first day the case will finally go to trial. READ MORE

Knights of Columbus Mass Of The Deceased

Watch as much of this horror show as you can stand, but you will see all you need to see in the first few minutes. Idol worship, prayers to Mary, Babylonian altars and homage to the sun god are on full display. In this particular mass, like the Mormons do, it is a “mass for the dead”. 


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