Black Pope says Pope Francis could be Forced to Resign

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The Black Pope is the leader of the Jesuits if you did not know!



Article by Leo Zagami – As the Vatican attempts to recover after the shock that George Pell’s appeal on five separate sex abuse counts against minors was rejected on Wednesday, a new controversy by the infamous “Black Pope” is spreading like wildfire through the Catholic Church.

The powerful Jesuit General has confirmed that Pope Francis could be forced to leave office during a public address made at the yearly meeting of Communion and Liberation, one of Italy’s most influential Catholic movements controlled by the Jesuits. Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, SJ, of Venezuela, the 31st Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and a close friend of Pope Francis, admitted in his speech that “There are sectors outside and inside the Vatican that are pushing for Pope Francis to resign, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that the next pontiff acts in the opposite direction to the guidelines expressed by the current pontificate.”

However, according to Father Sosa SJ, the Pontiff will not resign stating that he believes, “That the final strategy of these sectors is not so much ‘to force’ Pope Francis to resign, but to influence the election of the next pontiff, creating the conditions for the next Pope to not continue in the deep path that Francis has instead indicated and undertaken .”For the resilient Jesuit General: “It is essential that this path continues, according to the will of the Church expressed clearly in the Second Vatican Council, of which Pope Francis is a legitimate and direct son.”

Incredibly enough, during his speech, the Jesuit General, aka “The Black Pope,” seemed to blame Trump and the U.S. for the possibility of Pope Francis resigning in the near future, but a few hours later Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the person that Pope Francis has placed to lead the Synod of Bishops as Secretary-General, intervened directly to diminish the importance of Father Sosa’s statement, criticizing Sosa and those who see continuous attacks on Pope Bergoglio as a plan developed in the U.S. to force him to resign.

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri said in an official statement that: “The Pope is the Pope and leads the Church at this time. Personally, I am not aware of anything else. And rumors like this one have surfaced even in other historical periods.”

In the meantime, the protracted crisis in the U.S. Diocese of Buffalo has piqued Rome’s interest, as many of Buffalo’s 727,000 Catholics have lost confidence in Bishop Richard J Malone’s ability to lead them, and more than a few have abandoned the practice of the faith, but Buffalo is just one  of the many troubled diocese in the U.S. and around the world facing this problem. When the reform legislation ostensibly designed to facilitate and streamline Church investigations of abuse and cover-up, called Vos estis lux mundi, appeared in mid-May 2019, the Catholic Herald suggested at the time that Buffalo could be a major testing ground for new legislation, so let’s see what happens in the United States in the coming months with or without Pope Francis, who seems to be on his way out in one way or another.

Last but not least, the “Black Pope” who was dressed in white, breaking for the all black Jesuit tradition, for the meeting of Communion and Liberation, declared to the journalists in attendance that the devil is only a symbol of evil not a real person and that we have no right to refuse immigrants.

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