Pedophile Priest Jumps off 82 Story Building in Chicago

Well, Satan sure is happy that one of his disciples committed suicide! He surely would have had to answer for his crime in a court of law, but God would have forgiven him if he had asked in the proper way. Now he is being held in Hell awaiting judgment day when he will be cast into the lake of fire!  

If you are in a similar situation, suicide is NOT the answer. Man may not forgive you but Jesus Christ will! Don’t ask for forgiveness the Catholic way. Do it according to the Word of God and get the hell away from the Pedophile religion.

Chicago Tribune – “A man had flung himself from the heights of the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, a sleek ultramodern skyscraper reaching 82-stories into the downtown skyline. The Cook County medical examiner’s office announced the next day it was a suicide. The jumper’s name was James Csaszar.”

“Until November, Csaszar had worked as a Catholic priest at the Church of the Resurrection in New Albany, Ohio. Then, after misconduct allegations surfaced about the priest, the 44-year-old was placed on administrative leave.”

They had suspended the Pedophile Thief “[…] due to “questionable text and telephone communications with a minor,” the church stated in a news release. The Diocese went further to note the charges were also related to a “potential misuse of church funds” […].

The overseers released this statement:

It is with deep shock and sadness that we have learned of the death of Father James Csaszar, pastor of the Church of the Resurrection in New Albany, who took his own life yesterday in Chicago.On November 7, Father Csaszar was placed on an administrative leave by the Diocese of Columbus after diocesan officials were made aware of excessive and questionable text and telephone communications with a minor and potential misuse of church funds while serving as pastor of St. Rose Parish, New Lexington. Following a diocesan review of the matter, the New Lexington Police were contacted and all information was turned over to them and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for their review; an investigation was being conducted at the time of Father Csaszar’s death.

We are reminded throughout sacred scripture that God our Father is loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving. We also know that in his years of priestly ministry Fr. Csaszar did many good things for the people that he served in his parish assignments. And so we ask that everyone pray for Father Csaszar, his family, friends, and parishioners during this most difficult time.

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