How can God’s holy man make “Grave Errors”?

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Pope admits he made ‘grave errors’ in Chile sex abuse scandal

No wait just a minute here. I thought the Pope was supposed to be the absolute most infallible person here on earth that IS supposed to be close to God and in direct contact with Him. 

So how could his holiness make not just one, but many “grave errors” in regard to the perverts in Chile? 

Maybe God was tired and asleep when Frances was praying to him about the matter?
Maybe the Pope was asleep when God spoke to him telling him about the Pedophiles?
Maybe the Pope had an ear infection and did not hear God tell him about the perverts?

The list of excuses are numerous and there are so many variables and reasons as to why the the greatest man on earth dropped the ball on this and many other issues. 

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis admitted Wednesday he made “grave errors” in judgment in Chile’s sex abuse scandal and invited the victims he had discredited to Rome to beg their forgiveness.

In an extraordinary public letter, Francis also summoned all of Chile’s bishops to the Vatican for an emergency meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the scandal, which has badly tarnished his reputation and that of the Chilean church.

Francis blamed a lack of “truthful and balanced information” for his missteps in judging the case of Bishop Juan Barros, a protege of Chile’s most notorious predator priest, the Rev. Fernando Karadima. Francis strongly defended the bishop during his January visit to Chile despite accusations by victims that Barros had witnessed and ignored their abuse. Read the rest here.

If he truly is as close to God as the church says, then why was he not able to discern the truth and detect the lie? I am just a dog according to Catholic teaching, yet I can discern when I am being lied to!

No, he is NOT close to God and IS NOT a child of God. He is the Viper in a Den of Snakes who spew the venom of false religion and doctrine of devils to a billion plus ignorant fools who are blinded by the god of this world that those in the Vatican pray to!

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