Demon Possessed Drunken Dope Head Priest had Homosexual encounter on the Catholic Altar

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A video emerged earlier this year apparently showing two men engaged in a sexual act at the altar in St Bartholomew’s Church, Ireland

The next time you Catholic Faithful go to the altar to worship Mary, you had best look for Semen stains. There is a good chance that one of your priests is probably a Satanist in disguise and has been having fun at said Altar while the church is closed! After all, their bosses worship the Devil in the Vatican!

Oh and can some of you faithful direct me to info on this particular Sacrament? I can’t seem to find any info on it!

Yep, It is real news! “It is understood he has been suffering from some mental difficulties and some addiction problems.” 

So you have a Priest who has Mental Difficulties and Addiction problems”, Which means he was a Demon Possessed Drunken Dope Head, and he was in charge of the Church!

It should be noted that this is exactly what Satanists do! They have perverted Sex on an Altar. A Satanist or Witch would love to gain entrance  into a church and desecrate what is considered to be a Holy Altar

Priest removed from ministry for ‘personal leave’ after video showed ‘gay sex romp’ on church altar

A priest has been removed from a ministry for “personal leave” after a video emerged showing a ‘gay sex romp’ on a church altar

Footage, which surfaced earlier this year, appeared to capture two men engaged in a sexual act at the altar of a church in Kildorrery, Ireland. An internal church document, seen by the Irish Mirror, has now revealed that a priest has taken time out from his duties following the alleged incident.

A source said: “He has taken so-called personal leave to deal with his issues.

“It is understood he has been suffering from some mental difficulties and some addiction problems. “When the video came to public attention he suffered a lot of adverse attention and in discussions with his bishop it was decided he would take time out.

“This has been a major scandal in the area and people are devastated by it all” “The guards are investigating the incident and it is ongoing.”

The video apparently showed two men engaged in a sex act in St Bartholomew’s Church. One was wearing priest vestments.

At the time the video emerged, self-styled “independent” bishop Pat Buckley said he brought the images to the attention of church bosses. He added: “I reported the images to the Catholic Church hierarchy and I am told they have gone to the gardai.” Source

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