Open Ancient Fertility Goddess Worship in the Vatican: The Sheep Rise up in Revolt!

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Faithful Catholics Throw Amazonian Idols Displayed in the Vatican into the Tiber River

Megan Fox | PJ Media – The Amazon Synod has been full of scandal. It started when the opening ceremony in the Vatican garden was full of earth worship and what appeared to be idol worship happening right in front of the pope with his blessing. One doesn’t have to be an art major to recognize ancient fertility goddesses.

The ensuing outrage that occurred among traditional Catholics went unanswered by Rome. In the face of this silence, unidentified Catholics took matters into their own hands and walked into the church next to St. Peter’s where the images were displayed and removed them and threw them into the Tiber.

This is exactly what the prelates who refused to explain themselves to the faithful deserved. The responses given to questions about the idols were completely incoherent. Life Site News reported,

 The precise identity of the mysterious carved female statue used in a ceremony in the Vatican Gardens is still unknown as the Vatican insists it signifies “fertility and life,” while volunteers where the statue is on display describe it as “Mother Earth” and “Pachamama.”

In response to a question from LifeSite at Friday’s synod press briefing, Paolo Ruffini, president of the Amazon synod’s information commission, reiterated that he believed the unclothed pregnant female statue, which indigenous people also carried in procession into St. Peter’s Basilica and has appeared frequently during the synod, represents a “symbol of fertility and life.”

Pachamama, or Mother Earth is a pagan idol. Period. There is no argument otherwise. It is the same fertility goddess to which ancient cultures sacrificed children. This is not a depiction of Mary the mother of Christ, as some have claimed. And if it were supposed to be, it would still be a scandalous depiction, violating the Church’s standard of modesty and stripping Mary of her dignity by removing her clothes. Depicting Mary as a different race is common and acceptable. Depicting her as a naked fertility goddess is not. But even the bishops don’t claim it is the Virgin Mary.

Bishop David Martínez de Aguirre Guinea of Peru tried to explain it, badly.

Probably those who used this symbol demonstrated, wishes to reflect fertility, to women, to life, the life presence among these Amazonian people … and Amazonia is meant to be full of life. I don’t think we need to create any connections with the Virgin Mary or with a pagan element.

I got A’s in Art History. This thing is a pagan fertility goddess. Prostrating before carved images of fertility goddesses is not Catholic. Catholic images depict real people who lived holy lives to remind the faithful of the goal of finishing this life well and of what awaits us in heaven. Icons are the visual history of the faith, a constant reminder of all the saints alive in heaven and their lives of sacrifice here on earth. Catholics do not worship images of saints. For more on that see the difference between veneration and idol worship. 

The group that took the idols and tossed them into the river issued a statement. 

This was done for only one reason: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church. We do not accept this! We do not longer stay silent! We start to act NOW!

Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven. It is our duty to follow the words of God, like our holy Mother did. There is not second way of salvation.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

The group referenced a statement that has been widely attributed to the head of the Amazon Synod, Bishop Erwin Krautler, “I have not yet baptized an Indian, and I also will not do it.” This statement has not been denied by Krautler. Baptism is a key sacrament in the Catholic faith and the Church teaches that one cannot enter heaven without it.

The Catholic Church has been thrown into a state of total confusion since Pope Francis ascended to the seat of St. Peter. His silence and the silence of Church leaders and crucial issues of the faith have created chaos and division between the left-wing and traditional Catholics. George Neumayer wrote a terrific opinion piece in The Spectator that is a must-read relating to these issues.

Tourists in Rome are long familiar with the image of Romulus and Remus suckling the teats of a wolf. But this week visitors to the  Pan-Amazon Synod encountered a new image: an Amazonian mother suckling a dog. That picture hangs in a church next to the Vatican: Santa Maria in Traspontina. I wandered into it the other day and was struck by the jarring contrast between its stunning Baroque interior and the bonkers propaganda plastered on and near its walls. Much of the church had been turned into a shrine to the plight and nature-worship of Amazonians. Beneath the picture of the woman nursing a dog (while carrying a baby), a poster declares fatuously, “Everything is Connected.”

The poster captures the sheer obnoxiousness of the pope’s “ecological” kick. What a dismal devolution Rome has suffered under him. What will he do next? Turn the Pantheon back into a pagan temple? Why not? If Amazonian pantheism is a “religious experience” worthy of Catholic respect, why not revive ancient paganism, too? Perhaps the pope’s next synod can rehabilitate Nero.

The far left, neo-marxism taking over the Catholic Church has reached a boiling point and the faithful appear to have had enough. We have been watching bishops dither around, excusing themselves from investigations when it comes to sexual abuse, refuse to answer legitimate questions about the change in the death penalty teaching, divorce, and now idol worship. They’re out of their minds. It’s time for action. Congratulations to the brave souls who acted in the footsteps of Christ who took a whip and drove the unclean things out of the house of God. Father Mark Goring has posted a great video about what has occurred saying he is surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter

Vatican Working on Amazon Rite while Pressing Charges over Pachamama theft

Leo Zagami – The Vatican is working night and day towards their diabolical plan to sabotage what is left of the Catholic Church to facilitate the advent of a One World Religion made for the slaves of tomorrow. Of course, the Jesuits are outraged at the recent Pachamama theft because it goes against their evil agenda, but they are even more outraged by the almost enthusiastic reactions expressed even by some members of the Italian Catholic media like La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. This made the Vatican and Borgo Santo Spirito, where the Jesuits have their strategic command center, decide to go immediately on the offensive. This was done with an article written for Vatican News by none other than their chief propagandist and trusted Jesuit agent Andrea Tornielli.

In the article in question, Mr.Tornielli states that : The theft and casting into the Tiber River of several wooden statues from the Amazon depicting a young pregnant woman is a sad episode that speaks for itself. Certain reactions to this violent and intolerant gesture, following its publication on social media, have been striking: “Justice is done”, reads the enthusiastic headline on one Italian website. An image of motherhood and the sacredness of life, a traditional symbol for indigenous peoples representing the bond with our “mother earth”, as described by Saint Francis of Assisi in his Canticle of the Creatures, was thrown away with contempt in the name of tradition and doctrine.

The Vatican is considering pressing criminal charges against what Tornielli defined as the “new iconoclasts” who removed the pagan “Pachamama” statues from the Church of Santa Maria del Traspontina, and later dumped them in the River Tiber on Monday morning to the joy of millions of traditional Catholics and real Christians, who followed the courageous act Youtube from all over the world. The Vatican spokesmen became especially annoyed with the press after La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana carried the story on the unceremonious immersion of the fertility idols in the Tiber with the shocking headline: “Justice is done.”

Of course, REPAM, which stands for the Red Eclesial Pan-Amazónica, or Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network, headed by Synod leader Cardinal Claudio Hummes, who is a complete libtard and intimately befriends and supports Marxists, has condemned the act describing it as “violence”in a statement published yesterday by the Vatican. However, there is clear evidence that shows that Cardinal Hummes, leader of the Amazon Synod, along with other Catholic officials, invited Antichristian forces and even a Brazilian Communist group led by a pro-infanticide politician to the event. The Marxist group is headed by Deputy Helder Salomão, from the Brazilian Workers Party, who is a big enemy of President Bolsonaro, but a great friend of Pope Francis and the Jesuits. Deputy Helder Salomão stated that the group “…came to Rome at the invitation of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM) to participate in the Synod and present the report document ‘Human Rights in the Legal Amazon’” (the part of the Amazon legally recognized by Brazil).

In the meantime, the Vatican is discussing the creation and implementation of a specific Amazon Rite to be used only by the indigenous populations of the area and their clergy. The Vatican is approving the creation of a new pagan rite in support of their Antichristian agenda. Behind the seemingly innocent two-foot-high wooden carving of a naked pregnant woman originally presented as “Our Lady of the Amazon” to Pope Francis on the first day of the synod on October 4th, there is the methodical destruction of the Catholic Faith. The heroes who stole the pagan “Pachamama” statues on Monday should be the new Saints of Christianity, not Greta Thunberg!

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