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Pope Francis: ‘Do We Really Want Peace? Then Let’s Ban All Weapons So We Don’t Have to Live in Fear of War’

On Sunday, the Roman anti-Christ opened his mouth and inserted both feet as he displayed a profound ignorance of how the world actually works.  On Sunday, he tweeted, “Do we really want peace? Then let’s ban all weapons so we don’t have to live in fear of war.”

Seriously, this is the most moronic thing someone could say.  I say, “You first, Popey!  Start with your own army and disarm them.”

Even if there was a declaration of banning every weapon, those weapons would still exist.  They just don’t disappear into thin air!  Not that the Vatican wasn’t heretical enough with all its false teachings, but this guy is making them look downright stupid. See more at Source: Freedom Outpost

Pope Francis Told To Apologize For Abuse Of Aboriginal Children In Catholic Schools

Canadian MP’s say that Pope Francis must publicly apologize on behalf of the Catholic church for its involvement in the abuse of indigenous students at church schools.

The residential schools forcibly removed children from their families to ‘assimilate’ them into mainstream Canadian society.

Hundreds of thousands of indigenous children were sent to live in the church-run boarding schools between 1880 and 1996, where they were forbidden to speak their language or practice their own culture. Many of them suffered physical and sexual abuse, or died from poor medical care and neglect. At least 3,200 never returned home

Apologies have already been issued by Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches, as well as by the Canadian government. Earlier this year the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops said Pope Francis would not be issuing an apology.

RT reports: In an overwhelming 269-10 vote, the Canadian House of Commons adopted a non-binding motion calling on Pope Francis to come to Canada and apologize to the victims of the church-run ‘residential schools’ on behalf of all Catholics. Canadian lawmakers also want the Vatican to compensate the survivors and disclose any paperwork pertaining to the government-funded places of learning. See more at Source: RT

Pope Francis, The False Prophet, Calls For Infowars To Be Shut Down
Globalist’s want to silence all dissenting voices


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