Demonic Catholic News Alert February 10, 2019

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Pope Francis Arrives in Abu Dhabi – First Pontiff to Visit Birthplace of Islam

Pope Francis arrived in Abu Dhabi on Sunday to begin a three-day visit to the Arabian Peninsula.

The Pope’s trip to the Arabian Peninsula is historic; he is the first Pontiff to visit the birthplace of Islam.

The Associated Press reported that Pope Francis is seeking to turn the page in Christian-Muslim relations.

Pope Francis will also hold a giant Mass on Tuesday which is expected to draw 135,000 people in what many are calling the largest show of Christian worship on the Arabian Peninsula ever. Read more here

Pope: Chinese Bishops Should Show ‘Loyalty’ to Communist Party

NOTE: We are to obey governments unless they violate Scripture. Acts 5:29 says, “We must obey God rather than men.” Whenever a government violates biblical teaching, Christians are obligated to disobey that government. For example, if a government were to declare that we should kill all Asians, or immigrants, or people with Down’s syndrome, we should disobey. Governments are run by people and often become corrupt. Furthermore, the Bible never tells us to obey governments in contradiction to the revealed word of God.

Pope Francis has called on Chinese bishops to show respect and loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party as faithful “members of the Chinese people.”

The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published an article Sunday in Italian, English, and Chinese, saying that the pope has invited “all the Bishops to renew their total adherence to Christ and to the Church.”

At the same time, “as members of the Chinese people, they are obliged to show respect and loyalty to the civil authorities.” Read the rest here

Pope and Imam in Homosexual embrace!

Pope kisses, hugs Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb who calls for murder of those who leave Islam

Pope Francis hugs Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Pope presents a graver threat to his own people than declared enemies. Pope Francis celebrated the first papal Mass in the Arabian Peninsula, capping a visit to the United Arab Emirates that emphasized a greater understanding with Islam. Read more here

Wikileaks takes a swipe at the famously secret Vatican

ROME – Wikileaks, the tell-anything anti-secrecy organization, on Wednesday, Jan. 30, took aim at one of the world’s most secretive institutions, the Vatican, releasing a small collection of documents about a power struggle involving Pope Francis, a leading traditionalist cardinal, and a medieval Catholic order of knights.

The documents offered little new about a fight that two years ago was widely covered in the media. Their contents seem especially paltry at a time when the Vatican is embroiled in full-fledged scandals on multiple continents. But the release represented the first time Wikileaks has turned its spotlight on the often-acrimonious internal affairs of the Holy See, and some Vatican watchers wondered whether more damaging secrets might start to escape the city-state walls.

“The fact itself, Wikileaks entering the internal affairs of the Vatican, is an alarm bell,” said Marco Politi, a veteran Vatican watcher. “The subject itself is not interesting. These are old diatribes, old fights. But the important thing will be the next step. Will there be a subsequent Wikileaks [release] on something not previously revealed? Should Wikileaks pull out stuff regarding pedophilia or banking scandals, then we would be onto something new.”

Though the Vatican has been burned by leaks in the past – mostly notably when a trove of confidential documents was released in 2012 with help from then-Pope Benedict XVI’s butler – the city-state is famed for its airtight hold on information, including its paperwork on cases involving sexual abuse. Read more here

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