The CATHOLIC Church of England holds ‘inclusive’ birthday party for Muhammad and Jesus

‘They are rejecting the crucifixion, denying the resurrection of Christ’

WND – The theological fur is flying after a Church of England congregation hosted a joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus, with the church being accused of rejecting the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

The “Milad, Advent and Christmas Celebration” took place Sunday, Dec. 3, at All Saints Church in Kingston upon Thames and was organized with the Kingston Inter-Faith Forum and the South London Inter-Faith Group.

Milad, or Milwad, is the celebration of Muhammad’s birth.


“Marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad and looking forward to the birthday of Jesus,” the flyer for the event read. “With provision for prayer at Asr and Maghrib and followed by the cutting of the birthday cake and Rizwan’s ‘High Tea.’”

That drew the attention and ire of Adrian Hilton, publisher of Archbishop Cranmer, one of the U.K.’s most popular political and highest-ranking religion blogs. Thomas Cranmer, an early Protestant reformer burned at the stake in 1556, was responsible for the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

“Note how this event is ‘Marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad,’ but not looking forward to the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God,” wrote Hilton. “Muhammad gets his prophethood, while Jesus gets neither his prophethood nor his priesthood; neither his kingship nor his messiahship. It’s the exalted Prophet Muhammad along with plain old Jesus, because to have added any of his claims to divinity would, of course, have alienated many Muslims (if they hadn’t already been alienated by the haram celebration), which wouldn’t have been very interfaith or sensitively missional, would it?”

“Allowing the Quran to be read inside a church is the equivalent of the ancient Israelites setting up an image of a false god in the Holy of Holies,” Hohmann declared. “It’s blasphemous. Why? Because the Quran denies the deity of Christ, denies that God is a Father or that he had a Son, and also denies the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. What’s left of Christianity that Islam and the Quran do not deny?”

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