Vatican Is Actually A Closeted Baby Killing Organization

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Vatican Invested 20 + years in Two Companies that Produced the Morning-After Pill

Leo Zagami – The Vatican has invested for over 20 years in an industry that produced the morning-after pill. This shocking news was revealed last night by Italian state TV on the well-known investigative news show Report that showed how the Vatican Secretariat of State owned shares worth approximately 20 million euro in two pharmaceutical companies that produced the emergency contraceptive drug in open contravention of the rules of the Holy See that strongly condemn any kind of partnership with companies that are linked to contraceptives or abortion methods.

The Vatican’s position in this regard has always been quite clear since the pill in question became available in Italy. While acknowledging that the morning-after pill is a contraceptive drug and not an abortive drug, the Vatican openly asked doctors to object to the prescription of this drug, showing their usual hypocrisy after this latest scandal.

Libero Milone who used to be auditor general of the Vatican at the time and denounced the situation to the Pope in 2015, confirmed to the investigative news show Report that he pushed the Vatican to immediately sell the quotes in the two pharmaceutical companies.

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