Catholics Spray supposed Holy Water over Louisiana Town out of a Crop Duster Plane

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A Pagan Ritual meant to Baptize the people into the Pagan Church and more than that—to put a Curse the Community!

Pulpit & Pen – Rev. Matthew Barzare of St. Anne Church in Cow Island, La told the press that “crop-dusting” the community with so-called “holy water” was the best way to bless as many people as possible in the shortest period of time.

After Saturday’s mass, parishioners from the church in southwestern Louisiana went to an airstrip a few miles away with more than 100 gallons of water. The priest then did some hocus pocus and “blessed” the water to be poured out over the community.

Churchgoers brought with them 100 gallons of water, which was loaded into the crop duster.

“I blessed it there, and we waited for the pilot to take off,” Barzare said.

He continued, “I’ve blessed some buckets for people and such, but never that much water.”

The priest ‘blesses’ a cropduster full of water so its magical powers could help the people in the community.

There was no confirmation that the aircraft was thoroughly cleaned of pesticides and toxic chemicals before being mixed with water, and some are rightly concerned the church might have inadvertently poisoned some in the community.

In June, Pulpit & Pen reported on a Romanist church in Columbia pouring Holy Water out of a helicopter over the community.

There is no Bible passage that refers to any such thing as “blessed water” and tells believers not to engage in silly superstitions. Source: Pulpit & Pen

What does the Bible say about holy water?

Got Questions – The Bible is silent about holy water the way it is used today. For baptism, Matthew 3:11 speaks of “baptizing with water for repentance,” with nothing in the context suggesting that the water itself is holy. Baptism is a symbolic ritual, identifying oneself with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. A closer parallel to the modern use of holy water would be God’s laws in the Old Testament, which required cleaning ritually unclean things with water to purify them before one could touch them (see Leviticus 15, 16, and 17:15). See also a specific reference to ritually unclean people in Numbers 19:17.

Holy water is now permanently retained at the entrance of Catholic churches, blessed at the first of each lunar month, and sprinkled over patrons as they enter. This practice was created to supplant the pagan celebration of the new moon, according to Canon 65 of the Council of Constantinople (691). According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the earliest modern uses of holy water appear in the ninth century. With that, coupled with the New Testament’s silence regarding the practice and use of holy water, it can be concluded that the tradition of holy water was created for the sole purpose of putting a pagan ceremony out of commission, using a scant few biblical references to water for purification.

Any practice that makes us feel closer to God and furthers our walk with Him should be encouraged (cf. Romans 14:23). But also consider 1st Corinthians 6:12. If a practice is beneficial to a relationship with God, keep it; otherwise, throw it away. This is all the more true when said practice has little biblical foundation.

The Bible nowhere instructs Christians to use “holy water” in any way, shape, or form.

The Catholic use of holy water is not biblical.


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