False Prophet Reaffirms Global Government and One World Religion

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Once again the Sewer Pipe out of the Vatican is spewing S*** and it is a stench in the nostrils of the Most Holy God!

BARI, Italy (Reuters) – Pope Francis said on Saturday that building walls, occupying territories and religious fanaticism would never bring peace to the Middle East.

Speaking at the end of a summit of Christian religious leaders, Francis also repeated his view that the “status quo” of the contested city of Jerusalem should be respected, and backed a two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Truces maintained by walls and displays of power will not lead to peace, but only the concrete desire to listen and to engage in dialogue will,” he said.

“Let there be an end to the few profiting from the sufferings of many. No more occupying territories and thus tearing people apart,” he said.

Francis said many conflicts had been stoked by “forms of fundamentalism and fanaticism that, under the guise of religion, have profaned God’s name – which is peace – and persecuted age-old neighbors”.

He said every community in the Middle East should be protected, “not simply the majority,” and took a swipe at weapons procurement, saying “You cannot speak of peace while you are secretly racing to stockpile new arms”. Source: USNews 

building walls, occupying territories and religious fanaticism would never bring peace to the Middle East.”  These idiots know full well who the land there belongs to. They are stoking the fire with their rhetoric. The “ religious fanaticism” this clown speaks of is not that of the Murdering Jihadist Muslims, but he is claiming it is that of the Jews. The Jews are WRONG in their belief, (just as Catholicism and other false beliefs and religions) but they are far from “religious fanatics”!

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on since Isaac and Ishmael, and will NOT stop until the Battle of Armageddon which this false prophet will part of setting up! If not him personally, the next UN-holy see that proceeds him!

” No more occupying territories  No false prophet, you are wrong! This IS the land that God gave to HIS chosen people and you nor your daddy Lucifer can do anything about it!

Weapons procurement? Just where are Hamas and others getting their missiles and bombs? Can you say Iran, Russia, China and other communist dictatorships? 

This false shepard is leading millions to their demise and like bleating sheep, the fools are asking for more!



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